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End-to-end B2B Telemarketing Platform

The only Pay-per-Lead solution that enables:

1000 to 1200 daily Calls per Representative

50-60 daily Conversations per Representative

2 to 5x Increase in Representative Productivity

Mitigates non compliance & fraud risks

End-to-End B2B Telemarketing Platform

Uparalled Depth of data

  • Partnerships with 8 top data providers

  • 290M+ Prospects/ 75M+ Companies 

  • ~70% Direct Dials

Ai Driven Power Dialer

  • Detects and skips voicemails and “no answers”

  • Automatically navigates company directories

  • Prioritizes calls based on likeliness to connect

High Quality Voice

  • Crisp, clear audio

  • No connection delays

  • Worldwide reach

Telemarketing CRM

  • Manage campaigns & Representatives

  • Listen and QA call recordings & data

  • View performance reports


Enables 1000 to 1200 daily Calls per Representative

Enables 50 to 60 daily Conversations per Representative

Increases Representative Lead/Bookings
by 200% to 500%

Reduces fully loaded Cost-per-Lead/Booking by about half

What people say about us

Vp of Global, end-to-end Demand Generation Provider

"2x Connect’s solution has helped us to maximize agent productivity both by providing a high amount of Right Party Connects and by significantly reducing the idle time of the agents.  The consultative approach by the account management team has helped with campaign optimizations, problem-solving client situations, and more.  This has helped us increase campaign yield.  Altogether, XTaaS has been a meaningful partner, a significant contributor to our ability to retain and grow client budgets and help us achieve sustained growth.” 


Ready to increase your Sales Team’s Conversations? 

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