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Ai parallel dialing
at the price of a basic dialer.


8-12 Live Conversations per Sales Representative per Hour

Completely Free Trial - Takes less than 20 minutes to set-upl

AI Driven Parallel Dialer

Our technology does most of the necessary, non-selling work.

Your team – has conversations and sells.

Makes 250-350 hourly Calls per Representative

Automatically Navigates Company Directories/IVRs

Skips bad numbers,  voicemails & "no answers"

Ai cleans and optimizes calling lists

Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach, MS Dynamics & Zoho


Unrivaled Data Intelligence

Leveraging data partnerships and proprietary 100M+ Call Center network dialing history to dial more intelligently

Partnerships with 5 top data providers

~70% Direct Dials

73M+ Prospects/16M+ Companies in the USA

Proprietary 100M+ Call Center  network dialing history data


Integrated Voice

Crisp and clear

No connection delays

Benefit from bulk pricing

Enables more conversation and more time to sell

Basic Dialer Hourly 
Talk Time per Representative

Non Talk Time 58 Minutes

Talk Time

02 Minutes

2x Connect Hourly 
Talk Time per Representative

Talk Time

24 Minutes

Non Talk Time

36 Minutes

*Non Talk Time = Time spent on “no answers”, voicemails, bad numbers, IVRs and Gate Keepers.



Enables 250 to 350 hourly Calls per Representative

Enables 8 to 12 hourly Conversations per Representative

Increases Representative Lead/Bookings
by 200% to 500%

Free Trial for up to 5 days


What people say about us

Managing Director of 100+ person B2B Marketing Agency

"2x Connect has helped our lead generation business scale in many ways.  It has helped us increase the number of leads generated per agent per day by almost 3 times.  2x has also given us the ability to closely monitor and manage the productivity of a fully remote agent workforce – which has enabled us to save significant overhead costs.  Perhaps most importantly, 2x has led to a high rate of client retention due to how the solution eliminates the exposure of the organization to fraud and due to the consistent lead volume and quality that it enables.” 


Are you ready to get advanced dialing output at the price of a basic dialer?

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