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Smarter Dialing.  More Leads.
Better Lead Quality.

Call Centers leverage our B2B outbound solution to 
exponentially increase productivity without sacrificing lead quality.

1000 to 1200 daily Calls per Representative

60 to 100 daily Conversations per Representative

200-250 daily tele-verified leads per Agent

Increases Leads per Agent by 200%-500%

AI Driven Power Dialer

Our technology does most of the necessary, non-selling work.

Your team spends most of their time generating leads.

Automates most of the process of generating tele-verified leads

Automatically Navigates Company Directories/IVRs

Skips bad numbers,  voicemails & "no answers"

Ai cleans and optimizes

calling list

Unparalleled Depth of Data and Enrichment

Partnerships with 5 top data providers

~70% Direct Dials

Enables prioritization by likelihood to connect.

73M+ Prospects/16M+ Companies in the USA

Proprietary 100M+ Call Center  network dialing history data

Available on a Pay-per-Lead basis.

This complete, end-to-end B2B outbound solution also includes:

High Quality Voice

  • Crisp, clear audio

  • No connection delays

  • Worldwide reach

  • Benefit of bulk pricing

Telemarketing CRM

  • Manage campaigns & Representatives

  • Listen and QA call recordings & data

  • View performance reports

  • Prevent Agent Lead Fraud

What people say about us

Vp of Global, end-to-end Demand Generation Provider

"2x Connect’s solution has helped us to maximize agent productivity both by providing a high amount of Right Party Connects and by significantly reducing the idle time of the agents.  The consultative approach by the account management team has helped with campaign optimizations, problem-solving client situations, and more.  This has helped us increase campaign yield.  Altogether, XTaaS has been a meaningful partner, a significant contributor to our ability to retain and grow client budgets and help us achieve sustained growth.” 


Are you ready to grow your leads per Agent exponentially without sacrificing Leads quality?

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